I have lived a healthy lifestyle for over 5 years, in which I changed my life, beat the odds, and went against the norm. I worked nights, the dreaded midnight shift, and while others gained, I maintained a healthy weight. I have stuck to an exercise regiment at the gym.

I do alot of walking and lifting at work, and since I moved to the 15th floor, I use the stairs anytime it isn’t hot and humid outside. My doctor is worried, because he is over 10 years younger than me and my overall numbers are better than his.

I’ve inherited high cholesterol from my father, who died of dementia, and need prescription drugs to control it, unfortunately. I also have had high blood pressure since my 30s and need drugs to control it. You can’t help what you have inherited or what needs help to be controlled, I still consider myself lucky.

My biggest risk comes from aqnother source. A new study found that even healthy adults run a risk of stroke due to lack of sleep. This is my downfall and it scares me.

My doctor put me on ambien. The first time I slept for a solid 8 hours. The second time, I slept for only 4 and felt like a lifeless zombie the rest of the day. A warning is that unless you get 8 hours sleep on it it may have side effects. If you read current news, there have been people that are basically sleep walking and driving and such. No thanks.

So my doctor put me on sonic or zaleplon 10 MG. Got 4 hours sleep, so he upt it to 15. Got 5 hours and now I am going to call to say either up it to the max 20, or try something else. I tried almost everything that Dr. Oz has recommended…band-aid effect then nothing.

I decided to write this because insomnia has reached an epidemic in our society. Michael Jackson had a problem falling asleep, and although sleep will eventually win, wew have obligations such as families, jobs, and have to adjust to changing situations in our lives.

This is a guidepost entry as I journey to find a fulfilling sleep solution. Otherwise my healthy lifestyle is in vain.